CAT Mini Backhoe-Loader w/Excavator

by wootbot

Disenchantment, Thy Name is Progress

No one ever says, "When I grow up, I want to build strip malls."

Childhood is so innocent. So magical. Everything is new and exciting! You see a construction worker clearing the land and you think, "That guy gets paid to play in the dirt?! Life is AWESOME! And loud! Which is also AWESOME!"

What you don't see (or hear) is the activists with their signs. The trembling animals scurrying to find new shelter. The silent screaming of the fallen trees. Or the tears streaming down the old lady's face as she's forced from her home of 50 years because EMINENT DOMAIN.

But you know what? After a hard day's work on the backhoe, there's always fruit punch. And fruit punch makes everything better.