Castle Tents

by wootbot

Royal Pain in the Butt

Don't cross the Queen or you'll be sentenced to a life of slobbering and gnawing.

Mackenzie stepped out of her castle tent and surveyed her dominion.

"You there! Cares-A-Lot Bear, is it? Care to bring me a goblet of something cool and refreshing?"

She waited patiently for a response. But when Cares-A-Lot Bear remained unmoved, that's when Mackenzie gave the order that all the stuffed animals and dollies feared the most.

"How DARE you disobey me! I am your QUEEN! Now it'll be off to the dungeon with you to face the beast!"

When she said "dungeon" she was referring to her baby brother's room. And by "beast" she meant the newly teething and excessively drooling infant.

"Pop Star Polly, Holly Hocket, please escort Master Cares-A-Lot Bear … to his DOOOOM! Muahahahahahaha!"

With a snap of her ponytail, Mackenzie turned on her heel and headed back inside the tent. After a few moments had passed, she peered out through the mesh windows, and then came bursting out so suddenly that even the sturdy shock-corded poles swayed slightly.

"DO I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF? Elbert The Stuffed, you shall serve as Hand of the Queen upon my leave. I trust you will serve faithfully and capably. The Throne is depending on you!"

And with that, Mackenzie snatched Cares-A-Lot Bear up by one ear and disappeared through her bedroom door.