Carrera R/C F-150 Truck - Your Choice!

by wootbot

And Shove It

Haven't you ever dreamed about quitting your job and driving a truck? Here's a way to get a little practice.

"Dad?" called Jake from the bedroom. "Where's my truck?"

Tim didn't answer. He just drove the Carrera R/C F-150 Truck into the shrubs and hid the remote behind his back.

Naturally, Jake figured things out after about fifteen minutes. The kid wasn't stupid, and he'd seen his father's face at the door. Jake figured being a grown-up with a job was a LOT harder than being a kid, but Jake still knew how hard it was to be a kid. If his dad needed a few laps with the Carrera R/C F-150 Truck's full suspension and pneumatic tires to make him feel better, who was Jake to stand in the way?

In fact ...

Michelle didn't think anything when Jake went running by, but she did have to wonder when he came back holding a speaker. Jake saw the look in her eye.

"No time!" he yelled. "This is for dad!" And then he was gone, to get the second speaker.

Michelle sat on the couch. Whatever was going to happen, she wanted to know.

In a few quick moments, Jake had set up the turntable with what his father had taught him. Red to red, white to white, wires in the square holes and carrrrefully up with the needle. Outside, Tim backed the Carrera R/C F-150 Truck into the driveway and sped it towards Jake's tiny wooden ramp at full speed. And that's when he heard the music.

"Is that ... Convoy I hear?"

Tim looked at the windows of the house. Jake waved and slapped the speakers he'd brought for his father to enjoy while playing with the Carrera R/C F-150 Truck. And, for the first time that day, Tim remembered why he was willing to put up with his co-worker's crap.