Carrera Ferrari Road Race Set

by wootbot


2012 just raced past, didn't it? Sort of like these cars. Yeah, see how smoothly we sequed that? We're pretty much literary gods, you know.

Red Ferrari took the inner track. Blue Ferrari took the outer track.

Red Ferrari looked forward. Blue Ferrari looked at Red Ferrari. Only the two of them knew what had happened before they got to the track.

Red Ferrari was in the hallway. Blue Ferrari came up in silence.

"I see you're gonna be racing me today."

Red Ferrari didn't say a word.

"Here's the thing: you can't win."

Red Ferrari didn't say a word.

"It's just that your Grandmother's here, and she always used to tease me about how I could never beat your mom at slot car racing. If I were to win out there, it'd go a long way toward ... well, I don't know. Redemption, I guess."

Red Ferrari didn't say a word. Blue Ferrari sighed.

"Look, I'm not just asking for a favor. I've got twenty bucks. All you have to do is throw the race, and I'll give it to you. We'll call it a late Christmas gift, nobody will ever suspect. It'll look like I'm taking pity on you. What'cha say, huh? Is it a deal?"

Now, as Granny Sharon shouted "Go!" from the couch, and as the two 1:32 scale race cars burst into action, and as they raced around the flexible track with stainless Nirosta high-grade steel, as everyone cheered, as Blue Ferrari tried to hide the sweat on his forehead, Red Ferrari stayed calm. Calm like a winner.

At the last lap, Red Ferrari began to slow. Not clearly, but enough that Blue Ferrari saw his opening. That final curve, and Blue Ferrari burst ahead in the straight. Four. Three. Two. One. Winner!

Todd jumped to his feet and cheered! "YES! YES! GRAND CHAMPION OF EVERYTHING!" From the couch, Sharon clapped maternally. Olivia set down the controller for his Red Ferrari and smiled.

"Great race, Uncle Todd. And Merry Christmas."