Carrera 2.4GHz Mario Kart 7 R/C Car

by wootbot

When racing this remote controlled Mario Kart cart, please keep in mind that it is designed for realistic terrains. No rainbows.

Now, sure, you can take a quick zip through some ground water now and then. This Mario Kart cart is designed to be splash-proof and water resistant on wet surfaces. But, just like in the video game, if you drive off a wall into lava, you're going to be really really REALLY really sad.

That's not to say you need to treat this thing like it's made from glass. That little Mario goes up to 12 MPH, and he'll lean adorably when you take a turn. But if you think you can speed under, say, a suddenly falling slab of concrete with a face? Yeah, no. You won't just pop back from that one.