Care 'n Share Baby Monitor

by wootbot

Letting Go Comes Later

That's not a tiny baby in a box. That's YOUR baby on a VIDEO SCREEN!

If you had a tiny baby, you'd be able to keep it in your pocket. Then you'd be able to have that baby with you at all times. Friends would say "Didn't you have a baby?" and you'd reply "Yes, here it is now, in this Altoids box!" and everyone would coo and make the I-saw-a-baby noise. Life would be simple and easy.

Of course, it's impossible to chance your babies size... isn't it? Well, yes. It is impossible. But it IS possible to give the illusion of change using technology! Which is where this Lorex Monitor comes into play.

With the Lorex Monitor, you've got a 3.5" portable viewing screen that can always show real-time baby action when you need it. There's digital zoom, two-way talk via a high-sensitivity microphone, and you even have access to a summary of temperature changes! But, best of all, it will make it appear like you've got a baby at the perfect size to tuck in your pocket whenever you care to do so.

Doesn't matter if they're 45 years old. As long as you've got a camera, you've got a 3.5" tall kid.