Bumbo Floor Seat w/ Play Tray

by wootbot

Safety First

The Bumbo Floor Seat is designed to be used on the floor only. Keep that in mind, and we bet you'll never have a problem.

Amanda knew Jake and Ella were good kids, so she didn't mind them being around Gavin. When Michelle called and asked if she could babysit, just for an hour or so while she took Olivia to a theater group meeting, Amanda said yes without thinking.

Gavin was there on the floor in his Bumbo Floor Seat, Ella was sitting on the couch, and Jake was busy scribbling in his notebook. Amanda couldn't see what he was doing, so she asked.

"I'm making a little sign." said Jake. "See?"

Amanda looked. "NOT FOR USE ON TABLES" the little sign read.

"Oh, I see!" Amanda used her best Mommy voice. "Is that for the Bumbo Floor Seat?"

Jake nodded. "It is, so you don't forget!"

"I won't forget." answered Amanda.

"Not with my sign!" agreed Jake.

"Not even without the sign." answered Amanda. "Gavin loves his Bumbo Floor Seat and I watch him very closely in it."

"Well, sometimes people forget," said Jake. "So you can read the sign and remember."

"I won't forget, Jake." said Amanda. "I wouldn't forget. I take care of my baby."

"Maybe you need a back-up plan, though."

"I don't need a stupid backup plan, Jake."

"I'm just worried about Gavin!"


Ella started crying as Amanda covered her mouth. She hadn't meant to yell. Jake glared at her through cruel eyes.

"My mom doesn't like it when Ella cries." Then he held out the little sign. "I need some tape."

Amanda decided she'd just let him have his fun. She could always tear it up after he and his sister were gone.