Bright Starts Chair Top High Chair

by wootbot

Top Of The Table

Oh, the places she'll reach.

Today is your baby's day.
She's off to great meals!
She's up with her tray!

She has apples in her bowl.
She has milk in her cup.
She can grab herself
any utensil she wants.
She's up on her own. And she knows where she'll sit.
As she is the girl in the Bright Starts Chair Top High Chair.

She'll look up and down the table. And her food she will see.
About some it she will say, "Yummy! Yummy!"
With her mouth full of bananas and her hands full of pears,
she's too hungry to go sit on any not-so-high chair.

And she may not find any
need or want to go down.
In that case, of course,
she could just stay above ground.

It's fun up there
in her high chair.

Up there things can happen
and frequently do
to stuff as scrumptious
and tasty as juice.

Eventually she'll be full, but
don't worry. Don't fear.
She'll be thrilled to get back
up in her high chair.