Bresser Telescope & Microscope Set

by wootbot


Be it giant amoeba from outer space or tiny amoeba in a droplet of water, your child will be prepared to observe it.

THE VAST MACROCOSM! It's out there, across the endless sky. THE INFINITE MICROCOSM! It's beneath us, sorta, each and every day. Is it any wonder that your child is already showing an interest in the crazy mixed-up world of above and below?

FROM ABOVE RACES THE MIGHTY COMET ISON, VISIBLE IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE FROM NOWISH UNTIL EARLY JANUARY from below wiggles the tiny paramecium FROM ABOVE FLASHES THE GRAND SUPERNOVA OF TOMORROW from below comes the spinny volvox and in between those two vast universes, your child stands, holding a telescope and microscope together. From just beneath their feet to far beyond their heads, your child will gain a range of vision. The telescope has a variety of eyepieces and a focal length of 400mm. The microscope has three levels of magnification, up to 900x. At last, they'll be able to observe what before they only dreamed of seeing!

And you'll be there beside them, lying about what those things actually are. Why? Because it's funny! Just imagine when they go to do an oral report about the cell and explain how the membrane is entirely made from cheesecake! Or when they claim that Venus is actually the landing lights of the Channel 8 News Helicopter! Hoo-boy! Are YOU gonna have yourself a good laugh on THAT day! Best parent prank EVER, right? There's no coming back from being dominated like that!

Oh, and this stuff is educational and will help them learn or something.