Brainy Baby Learning Fun-Your Choice!

by wootbot

How It Starts

It's a brand new year. But have you really taught your kids everything there is to know?

"Today," said Alex, "I am going to teach."

Sharon didn't look up from her coffee. "I'm sure your sister will be very happy you've chosen her to help you with that at her house, dear."

Alex took the hint. And the car keys.

Jake and Ella were already awake when Alex slipped in the back door.

"Okay, kids. Today, Uncle Alex is going to teach you something you SHOULD have learned a week ago."

"Is it about animals?" asked Jake. "Because Ella's Brainy Baby set has already taught us about animals."

"No, it's not about-"

"Or Shapes and Colors? I know those, and so does Ella, thanks to this other Brainy Baby set."

"No, no, Jake, I'm going to teach you about something MORE important than shapes."

"If it's Numbers or Letters, I'm pretty sure that-"

"No, no, no, no, no! Now shut up, okay? Here, look at this calendar. See where it says December 31st?"

"Yeah. That was last Monday."

"Right. And what was the day right after that?"


"Yeah, but what was the DATE of that Tuesday?"

"Oh. January 1st."

"Right. January 1st ... 2013. Which means that this day-" Alex pointed at the calendar "-was a year after THIS day!"

Jake's eyes grew wide. Alex nodded.

"So if you'd gone up to your dad and said 'See you next year' you'd be technically correct!"

Jake's mind was reeling. He had to sit down. Alex patted his shoulder.

"Now you're ready for 2014, Jake. Pay it forward. Always pay it forward."