Brainy Baby Giant Bundle

by wootbot

Gulliverita's Travels

Even the founders of Lilliput didn't foresee Brainy Baby Giant Bundles becoming the society's primary export.

When Gulliverita landed in Lilliput, she couldn't help but recall the stories of her old Uncle Gulliver and his travels in this land of tiny people. But there was one big difference in her story and his: she was pregnant.

It was difficult enough trying to figure out how to live in this land of little people. Once she had her baby, though, she had no idea what she was going to do.

Thankfully, the Lilliputians made and assembled a bundle of activities for Gulliverita and her child. Included in the bundle were flash cards, DVDs, CDs, and books to keep Gulliverita's baby entertained and help him learn six major subject areas.

With Gulliverita and her child both loving the activity set, the Lilliputians had an idea for a business. So they set up a factory and began mass producing these activity sets, marketing and selling them as Brainy Baby Giant Bundles.

Now you have the opportunity to get your own hands on some of that fine Lilliputian craftsmanship!