Boy's Licensed Lounge Pants - 4 Choices

by wootbot

Pants Isn't Free

Some days you just need to hang out around the house... in style.

Once your child would beg for a super cape, or ninja weapons, or maybe a Boba Fett helmet. But today, all those things might get your child arrested for various reasons. Hey, it's a new world, people. That's just how it goes.

But they can't stop the all-American right to pants.

Your child, and these pants, can now transform together into a glorious lounging hero of polyester. It's fully licensed and perfect for relaxing or daydreaming. Best of all, they're the one piece of clothing that can never be made illegal, because, you know, pants! Not like hats or inflammatory shirts. Without pants, we return to the savages, and savages HAVE NO LAW!!!!!

Plus all the characters are cool. Which is one of things that's important to kids.