Big Wheel 16-inch Spin-Out Racer

by wootbot

Hymn Of The Big Wheel

The earth spins on its axis. Just like your kid will spin out on this Big Wheel.

Ella stood quietly before the Big Wheel 16 Inch Spinout Racer. Not because she was afraid. Because she was showing respect. Respect for the ride that, one day, would help her conquer the street.

There was a noise at the garage door. Ella turned, shocked ... to see Olivia. Nodding. With a kind face.

"I understand," was all she said. Ella said nothing. Olivia walked over and rested her hand on the Big Wheel 16 Inch Spinout Racer.

"I never cared for this kind of thing, Ella. But you do. Clearly, you do."

Ella said nothing. Olivia nodded.

"You don't want to get out there and make mistakes. You want to be perfect. You want to pedal hard and pull the break and spin out all the way down the driveway. You want to make them gasp, and marvel, and say that never before has a little girl ridden a Big Wheel 16 Inch Spinout Racer like you."

Ella said nothing, but in her eyes, she agreed. Olivia nodded.

"We'll do it in here." Olivia looked around the garage. "We'll move some things, get Jake to help, let you practice a little. You won't get it right the first time, Ella, but it won't matter to us. All that matters is when you go out there, when they see you on this Big Wheel 16 Inch Spinout Racer for the very first time, they think you're a natural born talent. I can make you the best, Ella. And together, we can show the world that nobody's better than we are."

Olivia held out her hand. Ella put her tiny hand on top of it. Maybe no one outside the family would ever know about the pact they were making now.

But that's how they wanted it.