Best-Lock 450-pc Military Set

by wootbot

Protecting Your Playroom

Coming to theaters: One mission. Five men. 450 blocks.

"Okay, so we've got an idea that's going to blow your mind: Best-Lock: The Movie."

Excuse me?

"What's the big craze these days? Action figure movies! Board game movies! Toy movies! And these Best-Lock toys are definitely toys, so therefore, our plan is to make a movie."

You guys are idiots.

"IMAGINE ... a platoon of five brave men, trapped behind enemy lines, with only their 450 blocks to help them."

Yeah, and what are they going to do with those blocks?

"The options are limitless! If they choose to, they have the necessary parts to build a tank, a helicopter, a motorcycle, and even a moving gun turret."

Okay, but I don't think people are going to want to pay to see a movie where the characters spend their time building vehicles.

"Well, there's more! They also have guns, a rocket launcher, and even barrels of gasoline used to fuel the vehicles, and, of course, to be used for explosions."

And what happens to these people?

"I don't know. We haven't figured out an ending yet. Or a plot. We're working on it, though!"

So there's no plot, no ending, but there will be explosions?


Okay, works for me. Greenlight it. Time for lunch!