Best-Lock 450-pc Military Set

by wootbot

Deeds, Not Words

Sure, those other blocks might be good for building, but once it's built? You need a way to secure it! And that's where THIS playset comes in.

Think of it: you've made a virtual paradise on your kitchen floor. And what's over the next ridge? Some other kid, a kid who doesn't even LIKE building. But boy, oh,  boy, does that kid like taking credit for what you've built. And if you're not careful, he or she will march right over and claim YOUR building blocks as their own!

Unless your building blocks come with a highly-trained elite force of mercenaries, loyal only to you.

Helicopter? On standby. Motorcycle? At a moment's notice. Five play figures to man the barricade and fire the cannon as needed? Reporting for duty, General. And unless you've got Megaforce on speed dial, there's nothing that will protect your bricks like a Best-Lock 450-Piece Military Construction Kit.

But if you do have Megaforce on speed dial, please let us know. We've been hoping to ride one of those jet-cycles since we were eleven.