Benny the Jumping Bull 6-Colors

by wootbot

Gotta Bounce

I can get you to Pamplona, kid. The rest is up to you.

I know you want to be just like mommy and daddy. It's a proud tradition. Painting the town red (with the blood of the superbly stupid) in the name of Saint Fermin. But believe me, kid. The Running of the Bulls is no place for you. It's a place of action, adventure and, lest we forget, animal cruelty! All very exciting things! But all very exciting things for grown-ups (really, REALLY stupid grown-ups) none-the-less.

So while mommy and daddy are risking life and limb for ... well, we're still not really sure ... why don't you just hang out in the kids' area? It's called Esquina Huérfanos. Super cute. It's loaded with these Benny The Jumping Bulls in all kinds of colors, so you can ride a bull instead of being trampled by one! Weeeee!