Bedtime Songs & Stories

by wootbot

Again! Again!

You think you know board books. But you don't know board books until you've read them 10 times in a row. Then they're more like "bored" books. Wah wah...

It starts off innocent enough. You tuck your sweet little monkey all comfy cozy into bed. She asks you to read her a bedtime story. And so you regale her with tales of Mama Bears and Little Bears saying their I Love Yous.

Then you sing for her, ever-so-softly, the Night-Night song. And when it's over, you bend down and give her a kiss on her sweet little forehead, content with your perfect bedtime routine execution. And just as you're about to shut the door behind you, her sweet little monkey eyes pop open and say, "Again, mommy! Again!"

So, naturally, you oblige. Eight, maybe nine times over. Who really knows or cares at this point. You try to skip over a few pages, but your sweet little monkey is there to remind you of your oversight. Finally, thankfully, just before your eyes and veins are about to pop out of your head, she drifts off to sleep. You're free.

That is, until she remembers the 4-CD Sweet Lullabies Set. Better grab a stiff drink. You're in for a long night. And it'll help with the eye twitching.