Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Camera

by wootbot

Long Live The New Flesh

We're not exactly sure how Barbie got implanted with a fully-functional digital camera with a USB port, but it must have been some adventure.

A transporter accident? Some weird Debbie-Harry-in-Videodrome underground art piece? Whatever happened to trap a camera inside poor Barbie, she's certainly making the very best of it. See that shirt? Kids can customize Barbie's t-shirt with original photos they take using her, um, vertebrae or whatever. The special cameral lens means it's just point-and-shoot and done.

Not to mention, the included USB cable means your kids can customize the photos using stuff that's free to download online. Hit the belt buckle and you've got a photo ready to go! So don't ask questions like "Is this somehow due to genetic engineering?" or "Did Jamie Sommers know about this?" Just accept that Barbie's now a cyborg, and yet, she's cute as ever.