BabyBjorn Organic Original Carrier & Bib

by wootbot

Family Saga

Remember the old days, when a kid could wander freely? Remember how many times we almost died? What were our parents even THINKING?

"What's on this, Dad?" Tim picked up the homemade DVD with "Dad's Movies" written on it in Sharpie. And smiled

"Go find your sisters, Jake. We're gonna take a look at some history."

A few years ago, Tim had taken all his father's old home movies to some guy, and had copies made. All the Super-8, all the VCR tapes, even a couple of his own just to balance things out. What was on the DVD was pretty much a family tree in video form. How had he never bothered to show the kids?

The first video was Ella. The color was perfect, and she was still brand new, drooling a little on her BabyBjorn Organic Original Carrier & Bib. Michelle didn't seem concerned, maybe it was the water-resistant machine-washable fabric, or maybe it was that she'd already survived two kids, and she knew drool wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. This led into the titles: A FAMILY SAGA.

"Did you really come up with that, Dad?" Olivia scoffed.

"No, that one was the guy at the video store."

Olivia scoffed again. "So corny."

Then the screen went orange-brown. Tim knew the color, he used to see it in his living room growing up. This was his father's childhood, from a family trip to Florida in the early 60s. His dad was bouncing around in the back seat, completely unrestrained. Michelle hugged Ella and laughed.

"I can't believe people ever drove like that, Tim. Look at your dad, he's like a wild animal!"

"Look at his hair!" Olivia laughed. "It's like he's in the Army!"

"My grandpop was serious about hair," Tim agreed. "I remember he got mad at me when I grew mine to my collar in high school."

"That's you now, I bet!" Jake yelled. And he was right, because there was young Tim, running around a zoo with his cousins.

"You're too young!" yelled Olivia. "Why aren't you in your carrier?"

"We didn't use them back then, honey. I ran around getting into everything. Watch, watch."

On the screen, Tim took a corner too fast, and fell face first… into a cactus. Jake winced. Michelle laughed. Ella clapped.

"Dad!" Olivia yelled. "That's awful!"

"Took me a week to get rid of all those little dots on my face. And boy, did it hurt pulling out the needles.


"Did you sue?" asked Jake. Tim laughed.

"Not back then, Jake. Back then it was my fault."

"That's why we keep Ella in her BabyBjorn Organic Original Carrier & Bib when we're out, you see. Because we don't want her covered in tiny dots like your father."

"How much more of this is there?" Olivia asked skeptically. "Am I still gonna be able to watch Antiques Roadshow?"