Baby Genius Bundle

by wootbot

Teach Your Children Well

This "Baby Genius" bundle sure can't hurt. After all, I've got to do something to offset that "Baby Moron" bundle I started them off with. Boy, did THAT suck.

All these books, with names like "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" and "Five Little Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed" and all these CDs, like "Favorite Children's Songs" and "Favorite Toddler Tunes" are exactly what my child needs to learn how to think, count, sing and play! Totally different from the "How To Sit In The Mud" books the other set offered.

And what about that other set's motivational 8-track: "You'll Never Amount To Anything In Life"? A far, far cry from the Baby Genius DVDs, designed to let your kid enjoy gender-neutral happiness, enriching both boy AND girl in both English and Spanish! That other set only had Esperanto. And not even real Esparanto. Some strange Hong Kong dialect of Esperanto.

But I've learned my lesson. My kid's gonna grow up a Baby Genius! And then, they're going to win a Noble Prize! No, I spelled that correctly. I don't want to set the goal TOO high, after all. I plan to be a pretty lazy parent after I hand over these books and CDs and DVDs.

Don't judge me. Learn from my mistakes.