Aveeno Organic Harvest Set

by wootbot

A Little Bit On Top

A nice set like this could make anyone jealous. Why do you think we hid late in the day it so only YOU would find it?

"-and then," said Amanda as she rubbed the Aveeno Baby Organic Harvest Wash/Shampoo into Gavin's hair, "I'll get to take you to a real barber shop and cut off all your tiny curls! I will! I will!"

Gavin did not understand, but laughed. Mackenzie did, and she seethed.

It wasn't just the idea of the Aveeno Organic Harvest Set itself. Mackenzie didn't want to use lotion that was made for babies, especially not now that she was so grown up. But she also didn't understand why her mother couldn't find a Aveeno Organic Harvest Set just for her as well. Didn't they make one? Couldn't they replace the diaper rash cream with, say, a candy bar just perfect for very grown up little girls?

And then there was the issue with the haircut. One day, far in the future, Mackenzie was going to have to sit alone, probably locked in a closet, while her mother and Gavin went out for ice cream and roller coaster rides and whatever a "barber" was.

Mackenzie stared at the Aveeno Organic Harvest Set and scowled. One day, she'd have a lovely collection of like that of her very own. And there'd be no WAY she'd share it with Gavin.