Aussie Ice Slushy Maker (Set of 2)

by wootbot

On Second Thought

Slush responsibly, folks. And if you can't do that, just take a nap instead.

It had been a long week. Like, a REALLY long week. After the Amanda debacle at the store, and the fact that Tim and Todd just couldn't seem to get enough of each other, Michelle really needed some liquid refreshment of the adult variety. Or better yet, a SLUSHY refreshment of the adult variety.

She opened the cabinet and looked for the Aussie Ice Slushy Maker. It took her a minute, but she finally found it shoved way in the back behind all the Dora and Diego collector's cups they kids had gotten in their Happy Meals.

When they first got the slushy makers, Jake couldn't get enough of them. He had successfully slushified lots of edible and inedible things: Kool-Aid, milk, tomato soup. But the Windex was the final straw for Michelle, and she banned him from using them anymore.

She started reading the back of the packaging for directions, then quickly realized that her stress level was causing her to imagine her own product features.

Michelle paused for a moment, then placed the Slushy Maker back in the cabinet … like, WAY back in the cabinet … and decided to take a bubble bath instead.