Aussie Ice Slushy Maker (Set of 2)

by wootbot

Mmm Mmm Good

This thing will turn just about anything into a slushy surprise. But not everyone likes surprises, and now we know why.

Ever since Michelle had bought the Aussie Ice Slushy Maker, Jake had been coming up with all sorts of frozen concoctions.

At first it was pretty tame: fruit punch, lemonade, orange soda. After about a week, however, he started venturing into milk-based slushies including Yoo Hoo and Strawberry Quik. Hey, it wasn't Michelle's cup of tea. But if the kid liked it, he liked it.

Just a minute or two in the freezer and the salt water inside the walls of the cup turned any liquid into a slushy treat. So it seemed there was no end to Jake's experimentation.

But today was the day Michelle finally had to put her foot down.

"Here, Mom! Try this one!" Jake said. Before Michelle could decline, he had shoved the spoonstraw right into her mouth.

"Ugh! Jake! What IS that?"

"It's the rest of the tomato soup you made me for lunch. There might be some little bits of grilled cheese in there too."

"That is disgusting! Listen, Buster. No more slushies unless you clear the recipe with me first, Capeesh?"

"Oh. All right," Jake said slightly bewildered as he skulked off.

Michelle removed the lid and was about to toss the contents in the sink when she had an idea. She opened the liquor cabinet and added a little nip of vodka and a dash of Tabasco. And two minutes later, she was enjoying a frozen Bloody Mary that "wasn't half bad."