ART 101 79-Pc Art Set with Metal Case

by wootbot

Alright kids, let’s get to work.

That new fridge isn’t going to decorate itself, kids.

C’mon, you want us to be the laughingstock of the suburb? We just got a new Maytag! Let’s start covering this thing with some adorable pictures of our family! I got you this Art 101 79-piece Art Set with a Metal Case for a reason, you know!

This isn’t some little kiddy art set, okay? This has pastels, kids. Granted, it’s not really a professional art set either, but until I see some improvement in Cameron’s laughable “T-Rex” drawings I’m not investing.

Go to town! You’ve got colored pencils, acrylic paint tubes, watercolor cakes, brushes, a palette, and everything else you’d need for a nice Saturday art project!

Of course I have no problem turning this into a full weekend if you kids aren’t gonna make with the art. START BEING CREATIVE!