ART 101 79-Pc Art Set with Metal Case

by wootbot


Good artists are so hard to find these days.


Police are on the lookout for a man carrying a metal case. This man is wanted in association with a face-painting incident at a street fair last weekend.

The man is known to be armed with an Art 101 79-piece art set and is considered dangerously good at artsy things. The public is warned not to approach the suspect unless they want one of those caricature drawings of themselves with a disproportionately large head and riding a horse or playing golf or something.

Anyone who sees a man wielding color pencils, acrylic paint tubes, jumbo oil pastels, water color cakes, or various other art supplies and a 24-page art pad is urged to call the Sheriff, who is interested in hiring the man for his daughter's 5th birthday party.

The suspect was last seen with his accomplice, a man known to be exceptionally skilled at balloon animals.