Art 101 177pc Wooden Case Art Set

by wootbot

Lost and Found

Finder's Keepers. Mommies and Other Art Hater's Weepers.

Ella's eyes widened as the possibilities began to flood over her. She had recently discovered the dark, cluttered storage space in the way way back of the closet under the stairs, and had spent the last two days … exploring … pilfering. To-MAY-to, Tuh-MAH-to.

She scooted the wooden case towards her and dusted it off. From the looks of it, it had been in there for a REALLY long time. Probably even BEFORE she was born. But what was in it? It could LITERALLY be ANYTHING!

Forgotten family photos. Dinosaur bones. A witch doctor's shrunken head! She giggled at that last one.

"Don't be ridiculous, Ella," she thought. If there was a shrunken head inside, it was most certainly not a witch doctor's. More likely that of a troll or a garden gnome or something.

Or what if it was a pirate's buried treasure? Only someone had dug it up long ago and hidden it in this wooden case in the back of this closet underneath that moth-eaten Dracula cape and box of old reel-to-reels. Or what if the pirate had put it here HIMSELF because that would be WAY less expected than burying it in the sand somewhere like every other pirate ever?

But if that was the case, then this case would most certainly be booby trapped. Ella flinched and jumped backwards away from it, then extended her leg and pushed it away a little more with her big toe.

She thought for a moment, then decided that if it had been booby trapped, she'd probably already be dead by now. No, this was something else. Something bigger. Or even something smaller, like maybe a pocket-sized universe. Or a portal to another dimension! Or what if it was a pony? A magical pony with a sparkly mane that granted you three wishes for every baby carrot you fed it!

Ella put her ear up to the case to see if she could hear it whinnying inside. She couldn't, but that didn't mean it wasn't just sleeping or something. She had to know what was inside. So she took a big breath, braced herself and then opened the wooden case.

She opened one eye hesitantly at first, and then the other. It wasn't a pony. And it wasn't photos or bones or heads, or even pirate treasure either. There was no pocket-sized universe or a portal to another dimension. But to her elation, there were art supplies. Tons and tons of art supplies including crayons, markers, color pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, brushes, mixing palettes and more!

"Oh yeah!" she thought. "I forgot about this." After her masterpiece on the dining room wall, her mother must have put the art set in here thinking she couldn't possibly have any artistic inspiration left in her. But she was wrong. So wrong. And luckily for everyone, there was, like, a bazillion more blank walls in the house!