ART 101 156-Piece Art Set in a Wooden Case

by wootbot

Best Companion? Jamie.

Deep inside your child lurks an artist. If you don't let that hidden artist create... it might just destroy.

Your child can come up with the most amazing stories. Just take a look at your fridge and you'll see! Is a that a lion made of butterflies? Is that a spaceship flying over a planet inhabited by sentient bandages? It's all so new and exciting! Unless you don't nurture your child's artistic side. Then, they'll have no choice but to turn to... the Internet.

And suddenly, your sweet child will start asking questions like "Who was the best companion, Rose or Rose the second time?" They'll start singing weird songs with terrible puns and tell you it's "filk." They'll begin to carve pony shapes into their desk at school. Without the freedom to create, your child will be doomed to, well... THAT!

So buy 'em this 150-Piece Art Set and teach 'em to draw and paint and sketch and find their own dream. And then maybe they won't be stuck just re-creating someone else's.