ArchiQuest: US Capitol and Presidents

by wootbot

The Important Things

This building set isn't designed to function as a map. It's designed to function with the map in your head!

"All right. There's the map. You ready to plan?"

Jake looked at his father across the small block sculptures they'd built on the living room floor.

"Ready, dad. Let's do this thing."

Tim nodded. "Okay. That's the United States Capitol. And that means the first hot dog guy should be standing right about... there."

"Is this to scale, dad?"

"Shouldn't matter, Jake. Not for our purposes. What matters is we turned those 203 wooden blocks into a symbolic map of the great buildings of Washington D.C. And that, combined with my memories of visiting as a child, means you and I can plan some delicious afternoons."

"What's over here, Dad?"

"That's the White House, but before we get there, we'll pass The Smithsonian too. See? It'll look like... this! And there's a carousel out front, and there's a hot dog guy right here. If I remember right he has onions, but no kraut."

"What about here?"

"Ooo, that's where the art museum would be, I think. There's a cafe in the basement, but the REAL good hot dogs are gonna be down the block a bit. That's where the buses let out. There's always a guy there."

"How come nobody ever puts this stuff on a map? I love you, dad."

"I love you too, Jake. I wouldn't hand down my knowledge to anyone else."