Ant Habitat/Crystal Growing-Your Choice!

by wootbot

Mad Scientist School

Grow crystals, or grow ants. Whichever one you choose, the outcome is going to be pretty cool.

Imagine: a future where humanity lives among crystal palaces. Imagine: a future where humanity fights for survival against giants ants. ONE OF THESE PATHS AWAITS US AND TODAY YOU MAKE THE DECISION WHICH WE FOLLOW.

Buy the Space Age Crystal Growing Kit and start the thirteen sparkling crystals on their way up the multi-colored LED crystal display base. Of course, for now, they'll only get around 8" in diameter, but it'll spark your child's imagination. And a decade later, your child will fire up the beam that sends the unnerving "crystal energy" out into society... changing our world forever!

Or, perhaps you'll buy the Ant Habitat. Your child will help a tiny eco-system begin, with itty bitty plants and a team of ants (well, a voucher for them, anyway) that will soon devour and flourish on the included ant gel. A decade later, they'll have mastered the power of cybernetic communication and be able to command the tiny creatures, giving them the power to march upon all the leaders of our planet and steal their secrets... changing the world forever!

Or you could not pick one, and the world would stay pretty much the same. It hasn't been good lately, has it? Yeah, exactly. What have we got to lose?