AMAV Illuminated Art Easel

by wootbot

Win, Lose or Pizza

Practice makes perfect. Thankfully, this easel provides you with five surfaces to practice on until you can draw something decipherable. 

Ella was still sick, so the family decided to provide her with some in-room entertainment ala a game of Pictionary.

Tim set up her AMAV Illuminated Art Easel and turned on the light-up board for effect.

"Alright guys, I'll go first," he said. "You ready?" Everyone nodded except for Ella, who was sucking her thumb (something she did only when she wasn't feeling well) and rubbing the soft, satin corner of her blanket against her cheek.

"OK … GO!" said Michelle.

Tim started drawing furiously. First a circle, and then two smaller circles coming out of either side.

"Um … Mickey Mouse!" yelled Michelle.

"Pizza!" yelled Jake.

Tim shook his head and drew a triangle coming out of the bottom of the first circle.

"What IS that?" said Olivia. "Santa Claus?"

Tim shook his head.

"Pizza!" yelled Jake again.

Tim shook his head again and scratched out the first drawing. Then he pulled down the paper roll for sketching and started over. But he ended up drawing pretty much the same thing.

"Um … airplane! Brontosaurus! OOH! Dachshund! DACHSHUND!" yelled Michelle.

Tim shook his head and pointed to one of the small circles. Repeatedly. But every time someone guessed something, he just shook his head.

"Dad! Don't just keep pointing! Draw something else!" said Olivia.

So Tim tore off the piece of paper and switched to the chalkboard. But the piece of chalk was short and nubby, so he accidentally scratched his fingernail along the surface, making a horrible "SCREEEEEEEE" noise. Everyone cringed and covered their ears.

"Just use one of the regular sides of the easel!" yelled Michelle.

Tim started his drawing over once again, drawing exactly the same thing as before and pointing to the triangle this time.

"Pizza!" yelled Jake again.

"Jake! We've already established that is is NOT PIZZA!" said Olivia. "And seriously, Mom. How long did you set he timer for?"

At that exact moment, the timer buzzed.

"Ugh! I cannot believe you guys didn't guess this!" said Tim.

"Are you kidding me? It looks like a big blob with some smaller blobs and a triangle," said Michelle.

"It was obviously a guy wearing headphones," he said. "See! This is his head and these are the headphones and this is his neck."

Everyone started laughing except for Ella, who had fallen asleep at some point during the chaos.