Alex Toys Art Desk

by wootbot

Not-So-Great Expectations

So what if your kid's never going to be Picasso. No one knew what the heck that guy was drawing most of the time anyway.

"Amanda, I totally appreciate your concern. But honestly, I think this art desk is perfect for Ella."

Michelle and Amanda were doing their annual stake-out of all the Black Friday sales, and as usual, Amanda had some reservations.

"This thing is great! Not only will the tilt top surface make it more comfortable for Ella to draw and paint, but it's also carefully designed to prevent her from pinching her fingers," Michelle explained.

"Yeah, but I just think-" Amanda tried to interject but Michelle cut her off.

"Listen. I get it. Everything is a potential safety hazard. Like this paper cutter, right?"

"Well, yeah but-"

"But see! It's designed to be child-safe, AND the edge actually doubles as a ledge to stop all her crayons and markers and pencils from rolling off," continued Michelle.

"No, no. I totally agree," Amanda admitted. "I don't think there's anything unsafe about it."

Michelle waited. She knew from experience that she hadn't heard the last word from Amanda.

"Well, it's just that this is an award-winning artist's desk and chair set."

"And?" said Michelle, still waiting.

"Well," continued Amanda. "Don't you think, maybe that's just a little too much pressure for a little girl to live up to?"

Michelle started laughing.

"Come on, Amanda. Are you serious?"

But she could tell by the look on Amanda's face that she was totally serious.

"Well, in case you haven't noticed, Ella's no shrinking violet. I don't think her self-esteem is likely to be shattered by a few poorly-drawn ponies or rainbows. Besides, I plan to hang every single one of her creations on the fridge, WITH ENTHUSIASM, no matter what. OK?"

Amanda still looked unsure, but Michelle just smacked her on the back and smiled.

"Now let's go. Hurry, before they run out of those pumpkin spice lattes."