Activity Gym ~Or~ Bouncer - Your Choice

by wootbot

Bouncer Or Gym

Bouncer Or Gym! Bouncer Or Gym! Da da da da da da Bouncer Or Gym! Hmm, sounds like a perfect nursery rhyme song...

Great nursery rhyme opportunities don't come along every day. When you find one, you've got to seize it. The person who saw the grand old Duke of York didn't just say "Oh, another exciting day at the hill, eh, wot?" He sat down and wrote himself a few notes! And today, we're still teaching our babies what he saw.

That's why it's on you, sweet citizen, to buy either the Java Jungle Bouncer or the Music & Motion Gym. Then, as your child is either bouncing about with a natural motion that mimics a mother's movements or enjoying playing peek-a-boo with the pineapple mirror, you can sing:

Choose Bouncer or Gym
Choose Bouncer or Gym
Choose Bouncer or Gym

In just a few short months your child will be singing along like that song was Humpty Dumpty or Beat It, and they'll know all the words. And they'll tell their little friends, who'll tell their little friends, and before you know it The "Choose Bouncer Or Gym" song will be world famous. All because of you, and your choice of the Java Jungle Bouncer or the Music & Motion Gym!

Hey, and just be aware, people who write nursery rhymes never get famous. Only their songs. Sorry if that's a disappointment, it's just how things work.