5-Pk Grow With Me Bodysuits - 5 Choices

by wootbot

Growth Spurt

You get two sizes in one pack, because you never know when your kid is going to eat a magic jelly bean.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl just minding her own business, getting in a little tummy time, when what should appear? Some irresistible sweets labeled, "Eat Me." Not one to disobey imperative confections, she obliged.

Next thing she knew, she had sprouted up an entire bodysuit size! When her mother noticed the three snaps on her little booty bursting at the, well, snaps, she quickly retrieved one of the larger bodysuits in her Grow With Me 5-pack.

The little girl was so relieved to be enrobed in roomier attire! She took another sip of apple juice from her sippy cup and stretched out on her play mat. That's when she noticed another treat labeled, "Eat Me Too." But this time the little girl knew better. She knew that if she ate that treat, she'd sprout up another bodysuit size and be too big for her britches once again.

The little girl threw the treat on the ground. But that's when she noticed that the other side of the treat was labeled, "I promise I won't make you grow." Not one to doubt the honesty of reassuring candies, she gobbled it up and immediately sprouted up another bodysuit size! Little had she known, the candy had its fingers crossed behind its back.


And that, kids, is the story of why babies grow so quickly. Next week, the story of why doggies lick their own behinds.