3D Interactive AR Fabric Learning Charts

by wootbot

Real Life

Curiosity never actually killed anyone.

In most cases, we'd tell you to be concerned if your kid just started staring at the wall for hours on end. But that's exactly the point of these 3D Interactive Learning posters. Just hand them the tablet or smartphone, then stand back and wait for their little minds to be blown when the solar system and/or important landmarks spring to life. Just don't be surprised when they start waving that handheld device over other things to make them more exciting, such as:

  • The toilet
  • Your sleeping body
  • The dead hamster they dug up in the back yard
  • The goldfish you made them get instead of a new hamster
  • Their non-battery powered toys
  • The meatloaf you made for dinner
  • Their teacher (you should expect a phone call any day now)