2 Pack Organic Tiny Fruits - 4 Flavors

by wootbot

A Little Something Extra

Why are you seeing these here? To prove a point! There's ALWAYS room for some fruit snacks!

Jake had a secret. A secret his teacher didn't know about. A secret that not even his best friend Peter knew about. Because deep in Jake's bag was a smaller bag ... full of fruit snacks.

The teacher was busy writing something on the board. The kid to Jake's left was drawing in his notebook. The kid to Jake's right was absent. The kid in front- well, she'd never see. Now was the time to act.

Jake unzipped the top of his bag and tapped the Organic Tiny Fruits with his fingertips. Strawberry and Mango? Blueberry and Apple? He couldn't tell. Once more Jake wished for superhuman senses that would let him determine how things tasted with his fingertips. Gently, he slid the Organic Tiny Fruit back into the palm of his hand. As casually as he could, he moved his hand to his mouth. One quick bite, and it was done. He had eaten something in class ... and gotten away with it.

It wasn't the flavor of Pineapple and Mango that thrilled Jake the most. It was the taste of the forbidden.