13" Foldable Step Stool - 4 Colors

by wootbot

Get To Steppin'

This stool covers all the bases, from "stepping up to the cookie jar" to "something to sit on in the corner while being punished for stepping up to the cookie jar."

Dearest Mother,

By now, you must be aware that I have vacated our abode, and taken the 13" Foldable Stool with me. I must endeavor to explain to you: you can only blame yourself.

The events that led to me fleeing begin on the morning of my first, real summer. The birds were out, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and I felt I deserved a reasonably small bowl of ice cream. To that end, I found my favorite colored Foldable Stool and unfolded it. And that was when you entered the room.

Instead of praising me for my fortitude and quick-thinking, you sent me to the Hell known as "time out." Mother, no pleading could dissuade you, and I sat alone for almost until I could count to 100! 100, Mother! No child has ever suffered more!

Those precious moments, stolen from me, can never be returned. Today the 13" Foldable Stool and I set forth knowing what it means to be stepped on. Perhaps I shall write you, since now I am likely able to reach the mailbox thanks to the additional height.

Remember the sin you have visited upon me.

Your Child