128-Piece Mighty Big Blocks Set

by wootbot

The Unusual Location

Out there is a world where blocks are strangely large, strangely fun, strangely well priced. And men in suits talk with weirdly timed voices.

Meet Doctor Phineas. A man who only had one dream: creating a shrink ray. Today is the fateful day when he learns two things. The first? That his shrink ray simply doesn't work. And the second? That the Mighty Big Blocks are big enough to fool even a scientist. As long as that scientist plays in… The Unusual Location.

Oh! Oh, dear me! It worked! It must have worked! My shrink ray is at last perfected! Oh, glorious day! Naturally, I'm saddened that I've inadvertently used it on myself, but at least it functions correctly! Oh! My notes! I must get my notes! I hope I can still reach the table! Oh, I'll get the Nobel Prize for sure!

Ah, there they are, behind those crazy huge blocks! So colorful and giant, exactly the sort of thing a child would love! But, clearly, they're far too large to be realistic, so I must be smaller. What company could possibly make blocks THIS large! Ha ha!

Now, I'll just pick up my pencil somehow and… hmm. This pencil. It's perfectly sized in my hand. And yet, those blocks! So strangely large! Could I… why, yes! I must have shrunk the whole room somehow! Silly me! Let me just open the entire door and...

What? Those trees are to scale! And all the houses! Did I… did I shrink the entire planet? Why? WHYYYYYYY? WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?????

Oh, hold up, these are just Mighty Big Blocks. Guess I didn't shrink at all. Guess my invention failed again. Ah, well. There's always tomorrow.