Today's Woot Write-up

"Can I have one more bedtime story, mommy?"

"No, that's all for tonight. Time to lie down and sleep."

"But mommy, what if a bad guy comes? What if the Joker sneaks into my room?"

"Sweetie, you're in your Wilkin Batman sleeping bag. If the Joker comes in here, you'll just lasso him with your batarang."

"But mommy, what if it was Ra's al Ghul?"

"You'd defeat him in a battle of wits, honey."

"What if it's Darkseid?"

"You could use a 'father box' you developed based on your analysis of Doctor Impossible's powers to collapse his boom tube and strand him back on Apokolips."

"And if it's the Anti-Monitor?"

"Oh, pun'kin. If the Anti-Monitor shows up, you're toast."

"What if I have the Helmet of Fate?"

"Pfft. You wish, newb."

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