Today's Woot Write-up

Twins have a special bond the rest of the world will never understand.

"Hey honey. Have you noticed Joey acting ... strangely lately?"

You mean like how he's been talking gibberish to his Twin bed?

"Yes! You noticed it, too?"

Yeah, but I think it's a pretty normal thing for Twins.

"You think it's normal that our 8-year-old is carrying on nonsense conversations with his bed?"

It may be nonsense to you and I, but I'm sure it has meaning for them.

"Oh it has meaning all right. It means our kid has a screw loose."

Oh, dear. It's probably just a phase. Tell you what. If he's still talking to his bed when he moves up to a Full, we'll start looking into therapists. Deal?

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with ... ooh, the game's on!"


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