Today's Woot Write-up

That new fridge isn’t going to decorate itself.

C’mon, you want us to be the laughingstock of the suburb? We just got a new Maytag! Let’s start covering this thing with some adorable pictures of our family! I got you this Art 101 143-piece PVC Set for a reason, you know!

This isn’t some little kiddy art set, okay? This has pastels, kids. Granted, it’s not really a professional art set either, but until I see some improvement in Cameron’s laughable “T-Rex” drawings I’m not investing.

Go to town! You’ve got markers, colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, brushes, a palette, and everything else you’d need for a nice Saturday art project!

Of course I have no problem turning this into a full weekend if you kids aren’t gonna make with the art. START BEING CREATIVE!

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143-Piece Artist's Kit

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143-Piece Artist's Kit
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