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The artists speak for themselves:

"If the brush is held by the fingers, is it not an extension of them? And yet, it somehow forces its nature onto them. When the fingers hold the brush, they are nearly as rigid and tense as it, leaving the bulk of the work to the wrist. Therefore, I propose to eliminate the brush altogether. And if you wonder what you shall use instead, simply wiggle your fingers. Are there not ten superior instruments there?"

- Gregory Bradford, Finger Painter, Age 8

"Art is about finding yourself. But society provides us with so many images of what 'yourself' should be. To point out this irony, I cut out pictures from magazines and paste them onto a blank canvas, thus creating something that represents myself through images of an idealized self. And then, sometimes I  draw hearts around the pictures. Again, because irony."

- Tabitha Hansen, Collagist, Age 12

"The question should not be: is that a dinosaur on a skateboard riding into an army base of zombies? It should be: why is that dinosaur on a skateboard riding into an army base of zombies? When you think of what might draw the dinosaur to do something so brash, so wild: therein lies the work's true tragedy."

- Zach Lane, Illustrator, Age 10

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