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If it was really smart, it would clean up the cracker crumbs and Cheerios itself.

We live in pretty exciting times. We've got robots that will do anything we want them to and phones that will tell us whatever we need to know. Pretty soon, we'll have self-driving cars. But even so, we'll still need car seats like this Graco Jemma Smartseat to keep our little ones safe in the unlikelier than ever event of an accident.

What I don't see happening in the very near future is self-vacuuming car seats. It just doesn't appear to be on anyone's radar, and that's a real shame. Not to downplay the awesomeness of this car seat with its convenient, stay-in-car base with belt lock-off for one-time install and steel-reinforced frame & car seat base to provide strength and durability.

We're just saying, wouldn't it be cool if you could speak a simple command to this so-called "smart" seat and "WHOOSH!" All the mashed-in, caked-on food particles would disappear in a cyclone of semi-automatic suction power?

Let's get on that, science. You know, once you're done with curing diseases and saving the planet and stuff.



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