It's [in the shape of something that's] alive!

The professor sat on the beach, contemplating the horizon. Another week, another failed evil plot to take over the world. That, the Professor thought, was the story of his life: a disheartening series of plans hatched and abandoned.

This last one stung worse than others though. He'd made it further along than he usually did. He'd managed to build that mind-control ray, had pointed it towards the ocean, had flipped the switch, thus successfully turning the Pacific's entire population of wild salmon into an underwater army that would follow his every command. Only, what do you command a bunch of salmon to do? They can't just march up the beach and start establishing strategic strongholds. While the Professor had tried to to discern a viable next step, spending days hunched over his drafting table drawing up and discarding ideas, the salmon had waited patiently in one large group... thus making themselves easy targets for the summer's many fishermen.

So yes, this latest attempt, where he'd made it so far and yet still failed? It hurt more than the others. But he wouldn't give up. No! He would try something new, something even better, something like... he wasn't sure.

The professor dug his heels into the soft sand of the beach, feeling defeated. Then it hit him. He hadn't been able to build a mind-control ray strong enough to control the minds of men, or any land-based creature for that matter. But what if he could control the land itself? What if he could animate and militarize the very beach he sat upon? He imagined the sand turning against the sunbathers who trust it so blindly. He closed his eyes and saw granular soldiers rising up among terrified vacationers who ran in every direction, leaving their pales and shovels and towels behind.

Yes, that was it! That was the new plan!  

The professor lept to his feet and hurried back to his lab, eager to begin his work. And after just a six months of toil, he had finished it: Sands Alive. And it was really just some fun sand molds and special, moldable sands. Another failure, really, but the professor was having too much fun making dinosaurs and castles to even realize.

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Play Visions Sands Alive! Ultimate Kit - Your Choice

Play Visions Sands Alive! Ultimate Kit - Your Choice
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