Today's Woot Write-up

"We will rebuild. Bigger and better than ever."

It's a day we'll not soon forget. The day that started not unlike any other. The hustle and bustle of Little People going about their day. LEGO men building the next big thing. Weebles, well, wobbling. I had just pulled my Hot Wheels car into my Fisher-Price garage when I heard the vibration, quiet at first, but quickly growing louder and nearer.

Before anyone could react, it was upon us. The giant, drooling and squealing, its clumsy feet animated forward by chubby rollie-pollie legs that kicked and stomped a path through the town.

Big Brother dispatched the MAGFORMERS XL CRUISERS almost immediately, but it was too late. Or perhaps too soon. The flashing lights and sounds only served to further agitate the giant. It squealed and stomped more furiously as it took chase, stumbling over the wooden block barricade erected moments before and landing directly on top of the emergency vehicles.

Then from out of nowhere, the larger giant swooped in and carried off The Destroyer, as it would come to be known. "NAPTIME." But the damage was done.

Big Brother surveyed the town. It was a total loss. The only option was to pick up the pieces and start again. "We will rebuild," he said. "Bigger and better than ever."

And so we did.






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