And to think that some people think you can't have kids AND a convertible.

OMG, did you hear? the Wilkersons already bought a convertible for Tucker.

"What? But Tucker's just a baby!"

Yeah, exactly. It's crazy!

"What kind is it?"

A Graco... something. I forget. But I saw it and it is SLEEK!

"I've never heard of 'Graco.' Is it one of those super zippy little two-seaters?"

No, it's a one-seater.

"Wow! But, I mean, this is just weird. Like, it'll really old by the time Tucker can use


Uhh, he's using it ALREADY!


Yeah, seriously. It's nuts.

"That's so dangerous! He's just a baby!"

Actually it's pretty safe, I mean, as long as it's rear-facing...

"So he can't even see what's coming? He's just careening down the road in reverse going...

Well, how fast can that thing go?!"

Well, not in reverse. And I guess it can go as fast as the Wilkerson's Toyota, although

that's kinda a weird question...

"YOU MEAN THEY'RE DRAG RACING?! That is it! I am getting on the phone right now and calling

the police and telling them that there's a wild baby racing down the street in some Italian

sports car putting us all in--"

Whoa, whoa. Sports car?

"Yeah, that's what you said right? The Wilkersons got Tucker a sports car?"

No, I said convertible. As in convertible car seat.


I guess I could've been a bit a more clear there.


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Graco My Ride 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat

Graco My Ride 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat
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