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You're not just teaching them to read. You're teaching them acceptance.

Growing up is hard, man. Hard enough when you're a kid with an average imagination. But when you're a kid with a SUPER imagination, people call you weird or strange or crazy.

Maybe you're a kid who suspects your grandpa is a dinosaur. Or maybe your shadow is your best friend. You might even be the kid who looks at the world through rose-colored glasses that also make things appear upside down, including fish. So what.

Everyone is different. Everyone is special. Not special like that. Special like unique! And uniqueness should be celebrated.

So go on, you. Be a wacko hero. Save that rainbow with the help of your crayon pals. Maybe just do it away from the public where you can shout loudly and proudly without disturbing anyone, "I'M AN INDIVIDUAL! DEAL WITH IT, WORLD!"

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