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Well will you look at that. A rescue center right next to the home of a damsel in distress.

You think that princess is supposed to feel safe just because she's living next to a rescue center? You think she just sits up in her private turret, dreaming of some big, strapping hero to come whisk her away on a white horse or fire truck or whatever?

Well, you might be surprised to know that the princess can take care of herself, thankyouverymuch. You might be even more surprised to know that just the other day, she had to save him when he climbed up into a tree to save a cat and was too scared to come down.

And you know how she did it? No, not with magic or fairy dust. WITH HER BARE HANDS. She just shook that tree until he came tumbling out! And you think he stopped to thank her? Of course not! And what a fine how-do-you-do!

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