Mercedes. Not just the name of an '80s movie heroine!

"Hey baby, want a ride?" he said as he rolled up next to the baby in the stroller. He peered down his nose over the top of his DayGlo green Wayfarer sunglasses, his collar popped and Sun-In hair feathered. "Oh, I see. You want to race."

"You think that's wise, baby?" he said as he rolled up the sleeves of his white blazer. In case you haven't noticed, my rich father provided me with this Mercedes Benz Ride-On. And you're from the other side of the tracks." 

"How fast can your mom run exactly? My Mercedes Benz Ride-On can reach a max speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour, and the steering wheel plays horns and music. So there's really only one way this can end. And that's you getting the girl and becoming the most popular kid in school, and me learning a valuable life lesson accompanied by uplifting life-lesson music."

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Mercedes SLS AMG 6V Ride-On - 2 Colors

Mercedes SLS AMG 6V Ride-On - 2 Colors
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