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It's a simple question, kid. Do you have an Inno or an Outo?

When you don't give your kid something fun to do, like this Vtech InnoTab 3S, they'll make their own fun. Sometimes that fun includes sticking small items in places they don't belong, like noses and belly buttons. If your kid has an outtie, no worries. Nothing's getting past that protruding, fleshy nub. But if your kid has an innie, WATCH OUT. Anything and everything could be hiding in there, such as:

  • Lint (standard)
  • Soap residue (not entirely uncommon)
  • Peas (you told them to clean their plates)
  • Loose change (saving up for the ice cream man)
  • Tree nuts (squirrel emulation)
  • Kibble (dog emulation)
  • A compact SUV (magician emulation)
  • A USB flash drive (to keep in from falling into the wrong hands)
  • Their finger (just to see if it would fit. it did. and now it smells funny.)

So there you have it, parents. The harsh reality of idle hands and roomy belly buttons. Your move.

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VTech InnoTab 3S Tablet System Bundles (3-Choices)

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VTech InnoTab 3S Tablet System Bundles (3-Choices)
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