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I'm rubber, you're goo.

My mom often talks about "that slimeball, Larry" the used car salesman with the "cheap toup" who lived with us for awhile. She'll say things like, "worst mistake of my life" and "he might be your father." Sometimes I agree with her just so she doesn't feel so bad, but sometimes I remind her that it's not nice to say mean things about people. "Do unto others" and all that.

Besides, from what I can tell after getting this Diggin Slimeball Slinger and Target Pack for my birthday (ironically, from "Uncle" Larry), I've started to think that maybe slimeballs aren't all that bad. In fact, they can be pretty fun. Maybe one day I'll grow up to have a slimeball for a roommate. Uncle Larry says I can do whatever I set my mind to. Even own a chain of quality pre-owned car lots if I want.


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Diggin Slimeball Slinger and Target Pack
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