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For the Mario Kart fanatic, it's not gonna get better than this right here.

Let's not focus on the battery-powered motor Karts, for just a minute. Let's overlook the themed obstacles and the 870 total parts. Let's gloss though the track and the literal hours of fun that will come from building and racing. Let's even gently set aside the collectable items (including a POW block) that come from the game itself. What's left? Mario and Donkey Kong action figures, that's what.

See, it's not JUST about the racing. Sure, that's the major reason you're buying this set, to send your Karts racing down a track you've made, but look beyond that for a moment. What are you really getting here? Really? Some half-finished, completely flat surfaces you can lay diagonal the moment they come out of the box? A tough plumber? An evil monkey?

People, this is one hammer away from being a secret Donkey Kong playset as well. Snap it up before the 80's fans figure it out.

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K'NEX Mario Kart™ Wii Ultimate Combination Set

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K'NEX Mario Kart™ Wii Ultimate Combination Set
$62.99 In Stock Toys & Games
$62.99 USD false 1 Retail EA
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