That's not a Sith Lord in your closet, honey. It's just your new PJs!

"Jacob. Come eat your breakfast. It's almost time for school."

Go to school today, I am not.

"Oh yes you are, young padawan. Now do you want milk or juice with your oatmeal?"

Morning, honey, What's up with Jacob?

Milk I will have.

"Oh, your son is just using his imagination. Ever since he got his new PJs, he's taken to speaking like Yoda to balance the disturbance in the Force."

Well that makes sense, I guess. Could you pass the cream and sugar?

Sugar is the path to the Dark Side.

Thanks, Buddy. But I think I'll take my chances. Now get your backpack and I'll drive you to school.

School leads to math. Math leads to confusion. Confusion leads to SUFFERING.

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