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Good help is so hard to find these days ... unless you have kids.

Car repairs might be the single most annoying/inconvenient/expensive thing you'll deal with in your lifetime. And it's usually not even the parts that cost. It's the labor. If only you could find a qualified and eager mechanic to do the work for free (or at the very most, a cookie or two.)

Oh wait. You actually birthed one! He or she just doesn't know it yet. They'll think it's all fun and games when you bring in this Theo Klein Service Car Station. Huzzah! A new toy! But the truth is, kids. You're in training.

We figure you've got at least three to five years till your dexterity reaches full potential, but before your hands are too big to fit in tight spaces. So step on up, squirt. Here's a wrench. Now show momma what you can do.

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Theo Klein Service Car Station

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Theo Klein Service Car Station
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