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Dr. Cool gave up a free ride to Party U to learn how to teach kids science. And he was LEGACY, too!

Dr. Cool, of the New England Cools, came from a long line of very cool people. His father, Thaddius Cool, was the first man to stand up in a limousine. His grandmother, Jane Cool (née‎ Suave), was the first woman to chew gum openly. You can bet Party U was interested in HIM heading up their School Of Wild Fun. And yet, he turned his back on his legacy and focused on his Geology and Paleontology degrees, getting a doctorate in Helping Kids Learn Science Is Fun. With a minor in Prussian Architecture.

And that's why Dr. Cool has these neat dig and pan sets. In one instance, your child can discover gems hidden beneath gypsum and clay. In another, fossils are hidden away! And lastly, there's the classic panning for gold... with a pyrite payoff!

What, do you think Dr. Cool's gonna give a kid his real gold? Just because he's cool doesn't mean he's dumb.

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Discover with Dr. Cool- Pan for Gold + Glow Rocks + Spider

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Discover with Dr. Cool- Pan for Gold + Glow Rocks + Spider
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