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One day, superheroes won't just get a lane. They'll get an entire highway all to themselves.

Today, the roads in America are not very superhero-friendly. Superheroes are often the victims of road rage, with drivers swerving into their lanes, cursing at them, and even blocking them at the light.

We dream of the day when regular drivers and superheroes can coexist on the road peacefully. But that day is not likely to come any time soon. That is why we present to you this KidKraft Super Highway Train Set.

The KidKraft Super Highway Train Set is a model of the ideal superheroes-only roadway. With its long, winding track, moving crane lifts and deluxe airport, complete with a helicopter, airplane, terminal and air traffic control tower, it's a veritable playground for superheroes to do what they do best; save dumb people from doing dumb things.

And on the KidKraft Super Highway, no one will get in the way of that.

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KidKraft Super Highway Train Set Only

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KidKraft Super Highway Train Set Only
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