You want your kids to spend more time outside, you gotta get 'em a sweet ride.

Let's face it, parents. It's going to take more than a hand-me-down minivan to get your kids to step away from the video games. You're going to have to do better than a sensible mid-size to get them to put down the smart phones. There isn't a fuel-efficient four-cylinder in existence that could make them turn their fixed, pale-faced gazes toward the warming light of the sun.

You want to get them outside, you're going to have to go brand new, wildly impractical and gas-irreverent. You want luxury. You want high-octane. You want Audi.

Two-seater? Ha! This baby's made for one. One screen-obsessed child that will probably squint for a bit until his eyes adjust to the sensation of his rapidly constricting pupils. Or you could just get him some cool shades to go with his cool new ride. Two birds, one stone.

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Best Ride On Cars 12V Audi R8 Red or White

Best Ride On Cars 12V Audi R8 Red or White
$199.99 In Stock Toys & Games
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