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Let me show you how to throw a proper tantrum to get what you want.

Hiya Lindsey! Why so glum?

“Oh hi, Wayne the Bear. I’m just feeling sad ‘cause I really want this Melissa & Doug Bundle, but my parents won’t let me have it because I just got some toys last week.”

What’s a Melissa & Doug Bundle?

“It’s this really neat bunch of toys, four sets in all. I even tried to explain that they’re educational and would help me learn, but they said money’s tight and I already have too many toys.”

Well did you sing the “Gimme” song?

“What’s the ‘Gimme’ song?”

It’s the song that you sing when you want something, but your parents won’t buy it! And it goes like this!

First you cross your arms and you make a big frown
Then you hurl yourself down onto the ground
Make two fists and hit yourself in the head
And tell your parents you’d rather be dead
‘Cause if they won’t buy you anything at all
You’ll make a big scene in the middle of the mall
They tell you you’re special every day
Well “put up or shut up” is what you say!

“Wow, thanks Wayne the Bear! I’m gonna go do that stuff right now!”

Good luck, kiddo!

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