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You can keep guessing what this stuff really is, or you can just let your kids play with it!

Every once in awhile, a product comes along that turns out to be great for doing XYZ when it was actually intended to do ABC. We call that a happy accident. The heads of marketing call it, "Figure out what to do with this metric crap ton of failed product or you're fired."

Bubble wrap was supposed to be wallpaper. Play-Doh was supposed to be wallpaper cleaner. Rumor has it (though it can be neither confirmed nor denied) that Pez candies were developed to be a dustless chalk. Yummo.

Now this is all hearsay, but we're pretty confident that this Living Sand had to have been created with another purpose in mind. Theories include:

  • kinetic underwear
  • astronaut food
  • artificial fart
  • cosmetic facial putty
  • the newest Oreo flavor
  • sneeze substitute
  • synthetic beehive building material
  • mermaid bait
  • Ryan Gosling's latest movie venture
  • mole remover (the Mexican sauce, not the animal or weird freckle)

The world may never know what its true intended purpose was. So, may as well let your kids play with it!

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